While moving country by country with my camera; I’ve been into urbanism. Urban life is impersonal, transitory and segmental. This figurative perspective leads my works language turn “streetwise” . For me their reality is stronger than reality metropolitan life itself. It has narrative potential of its images and the associative power of language. This language is raw, poetic, direct and unnerving for me. My aim to bring a window as a kind of mirror reflecting its own. I’ve started with two different metropolitan cities: Berlin and New York. Walking on their streets… I found a subject, what the capture narrates, the correlation objects have with each other, how elements work together, becoming stronger at a separated place. All components of the capture being showcased. I let the background occur its subject, its subject helming the mean. I found the object of the street; a rural environment, the person and idea behind the objects. finding it then putting an identity on it. Creating 3 layers, the main subject, the foreground and you; the watcher. the main subject puling you in, the foreground making you question and dig deeper, and you, what the picture makes you feel.. your interpretation. My way of composition is black and white; sharp light and deep dark, I use the intensity of the light ; Then color, one color collaborates with non-saturated background which comes from the object. This is graphical. The style creates the project: DUOCHROMES.

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